Huawei GT 2e Review

A modern, comfortable and versatile fitness tracker with some welcome additional offerings.  The only thing better than the Huawei GT 2e’s range of tracking features is the price tag.


Huawei has dropped the classic look of their previous GT 2 model in favour of a much more modern style, geared towards the younger generation.  I certainly approve of the design overhaul; the result is a solid, sporty-looking smartwatch in a simple, unfussy style.  The body of the watch is a combination of durable plastic and stainless steel, with a moulded glass front, which give a seamless and sleek appeal.  Plus, you get a choice of different watch faces, to customise your smartwatch to the exact style of your choosing.  You also get a brilliant AMOLED touchscreen display which is crisp, luminous and responsive.

Now onto my favourite subject… the strap!  The strap is now seamlessly integrated into the top and bottom of the watch, which makes for a much more snug and comfortable fit around the wrist, conducive of more accurate monitoring and data retrieval.  The pin mechanism allows you to change straps with ease, so it’s never been simpler to switch between different straps and looks.  All you need to do is get scrolling through our wide range of gorgeous Huawei GT 2e Straps to find your new favourite(s).


When it comes to varied fitness tracking, the Huawei GT 2e has it covered.  It’s a reliable and accurate fitness tracker and, with loads of new workout modes having been added to the mix, it’s now exceptionally versatile.  You have the ability to track all sorts of different exercises, from ballet to skate-boarding to belly-dancing.  So, whatever activity floats your boat, from the more popular and commonplace to the more quirky and offbeat, there’s guaranteed to be a tracking option for you.

This helpful smartwatch automatically detects and logs data for 6 key types of workout, presenting you with a thorough summary of your activity afterwards.  You can sync it to the app later, to get a more comprehensive breakdown of information.  If you’re particularly proud / brave, you can even share your workout information on social media.

Basic features such as step counts, calories burned, daily stress levels, heart rate and sleep quality tracking are all present and correct, along with in-built GPS, water resistance and an SpO2 sensor for checking your blood oxygen levels.  

In addition to the great health and fitness features, you also get some handy extra bits and pieces, such as viewing notifications, music storage for around 500 tracks and weather forecast checking.  All of which are easily accessed, courtesy of the extremely user-friendly navigation system of different menus.


Sorry to sound like a stuck record, but just to reiterate that, first and foremost, the Huawei GT 2e really is an incredibly versatile and accurate fitness tracking device, covering a superb range of different sporting activities and covering them very well. 

The GPS was spot-on in terms of accuracy and the other health statistics were also reliably on-point in terms of accuracy.

I loved the stylish, modern look of this smartwatch and it scored highly on comfort factor too.  The simplicity and user-friendliness of this watch is another major plus point.  It was very refreshing to be able to navigate through all the features and statistics so easily, without the need to reach for the instruction manual.   And then there’s the impressively long battery life (approximately 8 days) and the quick and easy charging system.

Perhaps best of all though, is the remarkably affordable price tag.  This is one of those rare purchases which feels like a legitimate, bona fide bargain.


You really can’t expect the world for the price.  However, in an ideal world, the Huawei GT 2e would be equipped with a speaker and microphone, to enable you to make and receive calls and give you a bit of freedom from your phone. 

In this fictitious fantasy world, you would also get third party app support, to include a maps app and a contactless payment app.  The current app range does feel a tad lacking in certain areas and an extension of the app library would lend even greater freedom to the user.

This smartwatch would also benefit from better software functionality, as I did experience a few instances where syncing a workout to the app turned into a bit of a chore.  However, given that all the basic information you need can be viewed directly and easily from the smartwatch itself, this didn’t feel like too much of an issue.  Just a very minor grumble and perhaps a touch of pedantry on my part.


A good-looking, reliable, user-friendly and multi-faceted fitness tracker, suitable for lovers of virtually any activity under the sun.  And superb value for money.  If you’re looking to get a great deal of bang for your buck, you really can’t go wrong with the Huawei GT 2e.