Huawei Watch Fit Review

A gorgeous, slender smartwatch with fab fitness tracking features and even your own virtual personal trainer.  The Huawei Watch Fit offers a premium product at a bargain price.


This smartwatch is an alliteration-lover’s dream – sleek, slender, stylish and ummm… slim (I know slender and slim are the same, but I was struggling!).  It’s a similar design to the Apple Watch, comfortable and lightweight, with a rectangular, curved AMOLED display featuring clear, bright and vivid colours and a customisable digital face, so you can change the colour scheme or the layout with just a tap on the impressively responsive touchscreen.

It’s available in a range of case colours and in a choice of coloured silicone straps.  If you want to add to your strap collection with different coloured silicone straps, leather straps, or whatever type of strap you fancy, then you’ve come to the right place… Tantalise your peepers by perusing our fabulous selection of Huawei Watch Fit Straps and get shopping!


When it comes to fitness tracking, the Huawei Watch Fit certainly has a lot to offer.  You have the option to select from a mind-blowing choice of over 90 custom activities, including some of the more quirky ones we’ve come to expect from Huawei.  So, fans of belly dancing and ballet won’t be disappointed!  There are 11 built-in auto-detected workout tracking options for key activities, such as running, swimming and cycling.  Plus, there are even various built-in virtual fitness workouts ranging from short, low impact, desk appropriate routines to more intense, high impact cardio blasts.  All are demonstrated by your very own animated virtual personal trainer, which is pretty special.

You also get all the key functions you might expect from a quality smartwatch offering, including a built-in GPS sensor, heart rate monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, water resistance, stress tracking complete with breathing exercises and comprehensive sleep tracking. 

It can also be synced to receive phone notifications, incoming calls, alarms and weather forecasts.  Plus, it can be used to control music playback on your phone.  So, all in all, you get a pretty extensive set of features at your disposal, making for a solid offering.  Not bad Huawei.  Not bad at all.


This is a truly gorgeous looking smartwatch.  It’s wearable for pretty much any occasion and it’s so lightweight and comfortable you’ll practically forget you’re wearing it (when you’re not busy making use of its many features that is).  It’s also exceedingly durable, so there’s no need to worry about putting it through its paces with a high intensity workout or on a muddy run.

I was a huge fan of this watch’s awesome fitness tracking capabilities.  It really does offer something for everyone and I absolutely loved the virtual personal trainer and animated workout sessions, which are thorough, engaging and easy to follow, with handy vibrations to indicate when each set of moves begins and ends.  There are lots of areas which the Huawei Watch Fit covers well, but I personally think that the virtual personal trainer feature is what sets it apart from the competition.

I found all the tracking functions were generally very reliable and accurate in terms of the statistical feedback provided.  The stress tracking uses your heart rate information to detect whether stress is having a negative impact on your physical health and, if it detects that this is the case, it takes you through a series of breathing exercises which help to calm and regulate your body.  This is an insightful and proactive way of combating the build up of day to day stress which affects us all.  I was also impressed by the sleep tracking, which provides accurate breakdowns of your sleep, including REM.  You also get an analysis of your breathing via the SpO2 sensor and a record of your bedtimes, helping you to clearly identify where there’s room for improvement when it comes to catching the right amount of zzz’s.

I was definitely not disappointed when it came to the Watch Fit’s supporting Huawei Health app.  The data is accurately logged in the app and presented in a way which is clear, insightful and informative, with lots of comprehensive data and charts, to enable you to easily analyse your workouts and personal statistics.  Both the watch itself and the supporting app are very user friendly, with clearly accessible features and idiotproof navigation.

When you add great battery life (approximately 10 days), super speedy charging capability and a jaw droppingly affordable price tag to the equation, you’ve got yourself a gem of a smartwatch in the Huawei Watch Fit.


None of us is perfect and the same goes for smartwatches.  I encountered a slight blip with the (otherwise great) companion app, Huawei Health, in the form of the odd discrepancy between the heart rate information recorded on the watch and the information as per the app whilst I was in water.

The other issue, which could potentially be a deal-breaker for some, is the lack of third party app support, meaning you’re limited to the fairly small app library provided by Huawei.  It’s not ideal, as there are certain key apps which are noticeable by their absence.  However, the bargain price tag does go some way to justifying the omission.


If you need third party apps in your life, then this isn’t the smartwatch for you.  Otherwise though, the Huawei Watch Fit comes highly recommended as a bargain of a fitness tracker and a serious contender on the market, even amongst the premium competitors.  And if you love a virtual personal trainer as much as I did, then look no further.